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Addiction is a family disease.


When you are part of a family, every decision one person makes influences the other members in direct and indirect ways. When one family member struggles with addiction, the condition can negatively affect all members of the family system by putting them in a state of heightened stress and anxiety. Feelings of guilt, responsibility, confusion, anger, sadness, and more can trouble the entire family and lead to increased conflict, isolation, and dysfunction.


My approach involves using the humanistic approach of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), and creating the space for the individual to explore early life experiences - which, allows us to connect the patterns and carve out a path towards healing.

Together, we explore and connect early childhood experiences to how you are showing up currently in the world. We explore the coping mechanisms and skills that might have been useful through childhood, but are no longer benefiting you in your adult life. I create a holding environment where you can feel safe and begin to explore pieces of yourself that you were not able to look at up until this point.

I focus on patterns to explore what patterns are not working for you anymore, and that are stopping you from living your most authentic and full life. Addiction and trauma are my specialty and I treat it as a family disease, because it is often the case - the person didn't get there on their own.

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